Stop Praying to Nothing

Stop Praying

So, you are going to pray really hard about something and then leave it up to someone whom you have never seen or talked to that lives somewhere up in the part of the sky that is called ‘heaven’? Does this strike you as strange that you have never heard the voice of god out loud (let alone seen it/him/her) and that voice inside your head sounds suspiciously like your own inner voice? God seems to know how to make you feel better by forgiving you and agreeing with all the things you think and hate. Get ready to have your mind blown because… wait for it… ‘God’ is You. That’s right, folks – this shit going on inside your head is your inner voice, your imaginary friend, your savior is yourself. You are capable of fixing your own problem, forgiving yourself and being a good person because you want to be, not because some god is looking out for you. There is no god, now be strong and kick ass. – Kat

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